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Asthma Symptoms

Does the excedrine migraine pill wreak permenant asthma as a side effect? I took this pill before football several times a week because it blocked out all throbbing. I reacted to it and my face swelled up and I have symptoms of asthma. I know that it lists asthma as a side effect but is the a permenant effect…. Does the FAA usually overrun populace next to asthma to be a pilot? My husband wants to take the faa exam class1 so he can attend Spartan of Aeronautics to be a pilot. He have had a mild mild case of asthma since he be about 10 but it recently have acted up since we moved to the coast… Does The Hormornal Flux Caused During PMS Cause AsthmaAttacks? Its really weird. Before my period I enjoy an increase in asthma attacks or just a plain not easy time breathing. Has anyone heard of anything like that or hold gone through the same problem? We found only two reports of worsening of asthma related to hormonal dream therapy… Does the Marine Corps adopt relatives next to asthma or citizens who enjoy have asthma within days gone by? I’m 16 and I really really really want to join the Marine Corps but I have asthma so I be wondering if I could join the Corps IN ANY WAY? You can build your lungs’ strength. My son had doomed… Does the stipulation to cough greatly aim asthma? Well, mainly this happens right after running, or some sort of cardio, but for a few hours after running I other feel like I necessitate to cough if I take a deep breath or titter. Plus I always taste blood right after the run. Um, even if I resembling, huff, I… Does the weather affect asthma? My 20 month old son has be diagnosed with Asthma. He has a nebulizer and take Pulmicort and Albuterol. He seems super sensitive to weather changes. Does anyone else next to asthma have the same problem? The cold nouns can affect asthma sometimes. I would ask your/his doctor if you want some good information…. Does these symptoms nouns approaching asthma? My doctor gave me an inhaler a couple of years ago, when I was around 12, contained by case I had exercised induced asthma, my mom and bro enjoy asthma. But, I never need an inhaler, quite unlike my bro and mom who use inhalers three times a morning and are on pulmicort…. Does this anticipate i hold asthma? okay at my hockey practice i started skating and it felt like i couldnt breath. my chest started to discern like it was flaming or something , and my back started to ache i see spots, then i threw up when i got home i get a weird cough and it feels chance… Does this be a sign of I hold asthma? I always get wheezy/hard to breath surrounded by cold weather/cold air. Not when I’m just walking or sitting within cold air, just when I capture winded or lose my breath a bit. I first noticed it when I was little (maybe 7 or 8) when I be sledding and I’d… Does this close-fisted I hold asthma? Well if its really cold and I start to get all hot/sweaty/and breath intricate it start wheezing(when im playing a football game). Im about 108 pounds over weight. So do you guys estimate im just to heavy for my lungs or do i really hold asthma? Im 298. this is me at 270… Does this imply i enjoy asthma? so its happened twice. First time was when i be running a 10k run, all of the sudden my breath started coming really like surrounded by tiny little bunches like it was kinda tough to get my breathing even, and it was close to all in short little gasp. the second time was… Does this inborn asthma remedy work? Spring is here, allergy season comes again. this is the first allergy season during which i am having to deal next to asthma problems. i havent had a full-blown attack, but its scary to reason that might happen. my mom has asthma, i know what it looks close to. anyway, im 16 and… Does this indicate that I do or do not own asthma?

I had taken a pulmonary function test just this minute andthe therapist tol me that I inhaled and exhaled within run of the mill capacity, but he never did tell me if I have asthma. I see the pulmonoist in a month and wanted to know is… Does this inhaler for asthma contain steroids? i take a inhaler for asthma and i was woundering that is to say the one im taking contain steroids. the one i have is called: QVAR 40 mcg. (beclomethasonedipropionate HFA) i simply want to know this because if it does containsteroids, i want to disscontinue this medication. Yes, it does… Does this nouns approaching asthma or a short time ago a cold? Yesterday evening, my 17-month old daughter was coughing. You could hear whistle as she was breathing. She woke up in the middle of the darkness and couldn’t breathe well. As a precaution, her father put her on her older sister’s neb device. After that, she was breathing… Does this nouns approaching Asthma or Anxiety…? Ive had the for 3 years and been to 3 doctors. They listen to my heart and lungs and didnt hear anything unusual. So i keep having shortness of breath near anxiety. It always come on with anxiety after when they anxiety mostly goes away the shortness of breath subsides but then… Does this nouns approaching asthma or something else? I have been have tightness in my chest – it almost feels close to my ribcage isn’t expanding enough to let me breathe. When I do breathe surrounded by I have to sort of strain to get a wide enough breath and even then it doesn’t quality like I’m really getting… Does this nouns approaching asthma to you? Shortness of breath that slows down after taking allergy medicine…sometimes cough and stuffy nose…have bronchitis a lot when younger… “> Hi there, I hold asthma as well. the symptoms of asthma are Whezzing, shortness of breath, and the feeling that you are gasping for nouns, also Sinusists and conjestion. My asthma… Does this nouns approaching asthma to you? This started a couple months ago. Every once in a while I will go into a coughing fit so to vote. I have an urge to cough and it lasts for give or take a few an hour sometimes more sometimes less and along with that I can hear myself wheeze at… Does this nouns approaching asthma? When I exercise my chest feels ticklish and for about 1/2 hr – 1 hr afterwards I cough. Whatever it is, is in attendance anything I can do at home to help it? If you are a smoker, therein lies your question. If you exercise contained by a smoggy area, ie. jogging contained by… Does this nouns close to Asthma *? I’ve never had an Asthma Attack but I am having some trouble breathing. Not so desperate that I need to go to the ER or anything similar to that, but I’m not really able to get a upright deep breath. Does this sound similar to Asthma? rare asthma is most likely discovered… Does this nouns close to asthma to you? I was sick with a fundamentally severe lung infection last fall. Just incase that’s neccesary info. My basketball season newly started up again. I’m not extremely out of shape. I could stand to lose a pound, and tone muscle- but I’m not fat and chubby and I munch through healthy too…. Does this nouns close to asthma? For the past few months I’ve had this cough. Kinda tickly and annoying. And next every so often I’ll have coughing fits where on earth I can’t breath, only for a few seconds. I guess it does have a feeling like my chest is tight, but not really. My mum has asthma, and… Does this nouns close to asthma? My son has a cold I think and its essentially a blocked nose and coughing as I to have it altho My cough can be controlled beside my ventilon for my asthma.. Could he too have asthma he is 14 months and I cant remember what age I was diagnosed next to it,… Does this nouns close to asthma? Over the past few months, after engaging within physical activity, I have shortness of breath and cough for a jiffy afterwards. These never used to happen in times past after running or other activities. I also had a recurring cough for a few months from winter to spring. I thought I was just…

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